Michael Myers (H2 Hobo Michael Myers drifter) - Halloween 2 (2009) H2

In Progress


3 of 4 of Michael Myers costumes I will have, I got the costume since its all part of my Hobo costume, its just a new mask that is needed

Info on the masks deterioration
With Michael gone missing for a year, the masks color changes and the blood has dried up. The mask starting to loose that latex quality, with Michael not caring for the mask, its starting to age

Info on the costume
H2 Aged - Dela Torre
The wig - Alex Miller of facebook
H2 Hobo jacket and H2 Bowie knife - Josh ludemann aka(crazydog500) of Beyond studious
H2 coveralls and bedrole - Steven friswold of facebook
White T-shirt, - get it from any store, or online
Boots - Ebay

Pieces missing
The wig slash beard
The aged mask

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H2 Aged mask
paid for
H2 Bowie knife
paid for
H2 Hobo Jacket
paid for
H2 Coveralls
paid for
paid for
H2 Bedrole
paid for
The wig slash beard
paid for

Total cost: £980.00

10th July 2018

H2 Jacket arrived

H2 jacket arrived, and I am so so happy with this one

21st June 2018

H2 jacket going out soon

The final piece of the jacket going out very soon, once arrives this completes the costume

5th June 2018

The pieces are here

And a big thanks to Steven Friswold who not only made the 2 coveralls to the point it’s like we stole them from the RZ Halloween 2 prop set, but he went out of his way to make me the bedrole which both pieces will be key for my hobo Myers costume, was a pleasure to do business getting 2 sets of coveralls from him.

29th May 2018

H2 coveralls and bedrole update

Both pieces are here cannot wait to open this one

25th May 2018

H2 coveralls and bedrole going out

And that’s the green light Steven Friswold approved has he sends off my Halloween 2 (2009) H2 michael Myers dream sequence coveralls and H2 bedroll sent out to me, hopefully it’s here mid June 2018, one of the most exciting packages I will receive

17th May 2018

H2 coveralls update

The coveralls are done, bedrole almost complete and it goes out

9th May 2018

H2 coveralls progress

The progress continues coming along nicely

15th April 2018

H2 coveralls and bedrole paid for

Steven got the coveralls, and I paid for both coveralls and bedrole, next step? he will gore the coveralls up, and waiting on the bedrole to arrive, hopefully its done soon and I can complete my H2 DS costume

28th March 2018

H2 jacket found and paid for

Found the right size for my H2 Hobo myers jacket, which will be forwarded to be sent to Josh

28th September 2017

Boots arrived

Boots arrived, just what I wanted and same brand used in the film.

27th September 2017

Boots sent out

Boots sent out, should have them tomorrow or friday

25th September 2017

Boots paid for

Boots paid for, hopefully should have them this week

18th June 2017

Costume payed for

Paid off the rest of my Myers costume, the H2 Hobo jacket just got to wait for it to be finished and shipped out. Hopefully its here before july, completing my RZ Halloween timeline.

17th June 2017

Camo jacket arrived

The camo jacket for my H2 Hobo Myers costume arrived to Josh, he will be working on the final part of the costume, and hopefully before July the H2 Hobo Myers is complete

12th June 2017

Red flannel top finished

The H2 flannel top complete, so the costume is getting closer to be finished

15th September 2016

Bowie knife arrived

My H2 Bowie Knife arrived today, my hobo myers costume is getting closer to the end product

8th September 2016

Bowie knife shipped out

The Bowie knife shipped out, should have it soon

4th September 2016

Bowie knife payed

Payed for my wicked one holster weapons belt, and the Bowie knife comes with it, which will be another piece added to my Hobo Myers costumes, leaving it down to getting my boots and my H2 hobo Myers masks of the aged and dark half

3rd August 2016

H2 red flannel top arrived

My H2 Flannel top arrived, it completes my H2 jacket atleast

19th June 2016

H2 Bowie knife bought

Payed for Bowie knife

4th September 2015

Boots/shoes arrived

The shoes arrived today, delighted with what they give my costume

1st September 2015

Boots/shoes shipped out

They were shipped out tuesday, should have them friday or next monday

31st August 2015

Boots/shoes bought

I bought a pair of new shoes, if they work give me the right height, do not hurt my feet, found the perfect pair

25th August 2015

H2 Aged

Only piece I need to add with this version of the hobo costume, the H2 aged mask, its the pre-exposed mask, and perfect to use minus the Hobo Jacket is well

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