Ranka Lee (Kimono) - Macross Frontier


MCM London Comic Con May 2017 Amecon 2016

Showcased 8th October 2018 What is this?


Costume by Me, Obi accessories by my Dad
Tabi socks from Sock Dreams
Wooden clog shoes from Taobao
Wig from eBay

Delusional posted on 24 July, 2017 - 22:21
Super cute~ and I love your kanzashi!

Moonchild posted on 25 July, 2017 - 23:59
Thank you so much!

Kimono Top & Sleeves
Back Bow
Obi Charms
Flower Clip
Garter with Flower
Pink Brocade Fabric
Pink Lining Fabric
Lilac Chiffon Fabric
Green Lining Fabric
Red Chinese Brocade Fabric
Tabi Socks
Clay & Beads
Red Lenses
Horsehaid Braid
Fan & Parasol
Acrylic Paints

Total cost: £0.00

25th July 2016

Shoes 2

Added the little cherry blossom petals to the heels

24th July 2016


I bought some pretty Japanese clog shoes from Taobao but sadly they only came in a cream/beige colour. So my dad sanded them down to remove the varnish & re-painted using acrylic paints. I'd prefer them to be a more magenta colour but i couldn't find any in Hobbycraft so went with a darkish red instead. Hoping it won't matter too much!

24th July 2016

Obi Charms

Made by my Dad using Sculpey clay =) This was prior to baking/varnishing

24th July 2016

Flower Clip WIP

Made the flower clip today following a kanzashi flower tutorial i found on youtube. I made each petal myself from organza ribbon. Its a little messy & kinda wish i'd gotten a darker orange ribbon but pretty proud for a first attempt. I'm now waiting on some bead caps to arrive so i can finish the dangles & then i'll attach the leaves & clip to the back.

22nd July 2016

General Idea...

Obi is just pinned on atm & skirts need hemming, but just to give a general idea! I'm going to shorten the obi width slightly & will be adding green lace on top of the ribbon. I'm also going to be adding horsehair braid to the skirts so they'll have a bit of poof! Also decided to re-make the underskirt from some green lining rather than the chiffon here...its proving too much of a bitch to sew!

21st July 2016


Just need to sew up the side & bottom seams & attach to the top!

21st July 2016

Progress 2

Top finished, thanks to my mum as i was sick all week with the flu =(

7th July 2016

Progess 1

Finally made a start on the skirt & kimono top. I'm using a combination of Mcall's 7270 kimono pattern for the top, sleeves & obi & simplicty pattern 1093 for the skirts (although its pretty much just a circle skirt pattern xD) I'm really happy with the fabrics iv'e chosen considering its been a real pain trying to find pale pink brocade anywhere! So far iv'e lined the top & sleeves with some pretty lilac chiffon & used normal lining for the skirt since you don't see the underneath. My green chiffon also arrived today so can make the underskirt. I think once the top & skirt are sewn up i'll make a start on the obi! I tried and failed to make her obi charms so...my dad's going to take over that instead coz i suck.

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