Malice (Roadkill God) - Original Character



I love monsters and creatures and things like that - and I'm currently working on an original horror novel which has several monsters in it which are the personifications of roadkill. Some are good, some are bad.

Malice is obviously bad. He's the big 'baddie' of the novel.

ArcaneArchery posted on 18 November, 2015 - 21:57
Fantastic character design. I managed to get a photo of this cosplay at MCM in October: http://arcanearchery.deviantart.com/art/Malice-the-Road-Kill-God-572966013

Cavahn posted on 21 November, 2015 - 00:21
Oh wow! Thank you so much for taking the photo! :) It makes me really happy that my original creation was so well received! :)

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