Chamber (Generation X #1 version) - X-men



Chamber from the X-men / Generation X comic. This time I'm doing an 'uncovered' version, with a light up bio-kinetic field.

The chamber was made by mading a rough shape out of chicken wire and then covered that with paper mache to get a mould of my face and chest.

Then I used the mould to shape a piece of transparent worbla. I covered the mould in cling film to stop the worbla sticking to the paper.

After that I fixed four different sets of LEDs to the inside of the chamber and touched up with orange and yellow acrylic paint to disguise any parts visible once the ‘flames’ had been applied.

After all that, I fixed the basic chamber to a T-shirt and added leather straps. They’re pretty much hidden, apart from the more obvious ones looped across the chamber itself, but might be visible in action shots.

The flames themselves were made using Bellechere‘s flame tutorial, by creating cones of lighting gel and melting them into more irregular shapes with a heat gun, before fixing to the chamber with epoxy resin.

Manjou posted on 16 August, 2015 - 00:19
This costume is flipping INSANE, I love it :D

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