Clariel - The Old Kingdom


Chosen because last year I cosplayed Sabriel and the year before that Lirael, so I may as well finish off the set!

Based off of a mix of the cover drawings by Sebastian Ciaffaglione.

The hardest part of this was probably the cloak as I screwed up the fabric order and had to guess a lot of it. The easiest part was definitely the tunic as it was something I'd done several times before and barely took any effort. From this I definitely learnt to buy the right amount of fabric and not guess before I get the pattern.

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make tunic
make cloak
make gloves
make dagger
make mask
materials for gloves (black leather)
tan shirt
materials for dagger (clay, light blue paint)
materials for mask (plain face mask)
material for tunic (light brown leather)
material for robe (grey wool + pattern)

Total cost: £0.00

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