Zayne Kelley / Human Thief (Mist Walker Coat) - Guild Wars 2


Probably the only character of mine from Guild Wars 2 that I could both pull off and actually make! I'm nowhere near good enough to make a Sylvari, so sneaky little Zayne it is!

Carmina posted on 13 January, 2016 - 18:06
I do enjoy characters with badass coats but yeah, I agree, they are tough work. The coat on this guy definitely looks intricate, so good luck!

ShadowofShinra posted on 28 January, 2016 - 08:33
Great work on the daggers! And good luck with the rest of the costume.

Finish Constructing Coat Base
Add Fur Trim to Coat
Plan/Make/Fit Belts
Make Pouches, Satchel and Leather Thigh Panels
Coat: Green Fabric/Brown Fur
Boots (donor shoes for covers)
Scar: Various make-up stuff!
Coat/Belts: Brown leather-like stuff
Outfit: Knee Brace
Coat: Giant Split Rings?

Total cost: £0.00

9th June 2016

A wild small pouch appears!

After a bit of experimenting with craft foam, I stumbled across the perfect material to make Zayne's small thigh pouches: the cardboard that came with the pack when I bought it! Some primary school 3D geometry, lots of gluing and some fabric later and it all came together pretty nicely. Now I just need a few more A4 sheets of cardboard so I can make the others!

27th April 2016

Belts and Bracers

The belts are definitely a challenge. I've made one of the main buckles - seeing as the width is an odd size, I made my own! - as well as the end... parts for two belt sections so far. The real trick is getting all the leather-ish material turned into the belts and leather panels. The bracers, though, seem to be a little easier. Though, after drawing out all the outlines of the three-layered bracers onto paper, I'm gonna need ~£35 worth of Worbla for the pair. Ah, cosplay expenses, how I missed you. :D

15th March 2016

Moar update!

The base coat is aaaaalmost there now. There's a few more bits of fur that need putting on to take care of the missing gaps. After that, it's a lot more planning to figure out where the belts and other leather panels need to go. Zayne's coat belts are sort of how I imagine the 3DMG harness is for an Attack On Titan cosplay... a lot of hassle if you don't get one premade. Also, I really should take more photos. xD

11th January 2016


The green bit of the coat's almost done. Though, before I took a break for the holidays, the sleeves were still separate and, with the exception of them, the fur trim was nowhere to be seen. And I've still got a lot of building up to do before this heavy thing's gonna be done!

11th August 2015

Clothing Breakdown

The big centre piece of Zayne's default outfit is the Mist Walker coat (http://tinyurl.com/zaynemistwalker), a badass mess of leather, buckles, rings and pouches, all contained within a fur-trimmed trenchcoat. This'll be by far the most time-consuming thing to make. After that, though, it's relatively plain sailing. His shirt and pants are mostly generic, with the exception of a sports-style knee brace over the right leg. The boots, while they were the Sneakthief boots (http://tinyurl.com/zaynesneak) on the screenshots I took, will likely be switched out for some more generic ones. Footwear that appears to be a pair of tabi/zori with shuriken strapped to the ankles... don't really fit the rest of the look that well.

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