Anna Clement (Uniform) - Code geass Akito the Exiled


Kitacon 2015


Really like the idea of being a scientist and the costume didn't look to complicated. A slightly mad decision to order material and wig two weeks before Kitacon 2015, because I fancied wearing a new costume.

The dress part has been adapted from a pattern I already had, with the main changes being the sleeves now being long sleeves and a much more formal collar. The tie I made using a free pattern I found online, I think the interfacing I used was to stiff and probably the material could be nicer. All other things pockets cuffs are thing I've shaped and made myself from rough pattern pieces.

Overall a fairly easy costume to make, although the gold trim was a bit tricky, but then I had plenty of practice with Wang Yuanji. The sleeves are a bit loose in places and could probably do with being adjusted if I made it again.

Nesproxy posted on 26 July, 2015 - 22:17
Awesome! I look forward to seeing this. I haven't seen many cosplays from Akito yet! :)

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