Lexa - The 100


Managed to do this in a week around uni and doing Clarke's jacket??? So I'm super chuffed. Gonna fix some stuff up for next time but whoa.

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Sword detailing
Leg guards
Base jacket
Misc. fabrics/clothing
Misc. belts/studs
Red fabric
Skeleton bracelet

Total cost: £0.00

24th September 2015

Final Pieces

1) Sewed worn denim and fur to edges of jacket. 2) Added some small detailing to sword & sheath. 3) Glued some quick rivets to shoulder armour. 4) Attached small belt piece over chest. 5) Attached chain-like necklace to shoulder. 6) Secured red fabric to other shoulder. 7) Glued finished shoulder armour piece to belt. (That's a temp belt around the waist.)

22nd September 2015

Wrist Armour

At some point I did two of these?? Painted and glued later.

20th September 2015

Sleeve + Body Progress

1) Removed sleeves and inserted panel of cut denim down center of each. 2) Inserted panels into body - under arms - to compensate for the larger sleeves. 3) Inserted panels along the breast seams. 4) Removed zip around waist and inserted panel. 5) Reconnected to body. 6) Unpicked all of the seams and such.

18th September 2015

Shoulder Armour Progress

ie. remembering that I have a camping mat from like 2009 when I planned to cosplay Lanfan and putting it to use, also some of those metal strips I collected from old filing cabinet dividers to adjust the shape over my shoulder. Painted with glue, given one layer of papier-mâché and painted over the week.

4th April 2015


Bought, with the intention of altering the heck outta it. Asian sizes are tiny so hello inserted panels.

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