Alto Saotome RETIRED (School) - Macross Frontier


Kitacon 2015


Last minute costume plan as I wanted to wear something simple before changing into Pandora Hearts later on in the day. Two of my friends had Ranka and Sheryl planned so I asked if I could join them as Alto!

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20th July 2015


I bought a longer base wig and cut it = much happier now with the final result even if keeping the back into the ponytail clip is a bit of a pain!

17th July 2015

Shirt and detailing

I bought a man's short sleeved shirt and edited it to suit Alto - taking up the bottom, putting in darts in the front and adding on the details like the epaulettes, side button straps and the school emblem. I actually made the school emblem with a stick on suede that I found in my local fabric shop and really happy with the effect of it! In the photo here you can see my wig too but I wasn't happy with how I cut the base so will be ordering another one as this one is unfortunately too short for Alto.

17th July 2015


Managed to put the trousers together in a day - I later added on another fastener on the top and some belt straps! Really happy with how these turned out!

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