Brass - Medabots





I was going to be her for Oct 09 but right now I dont feel I have the skillz to get her as perfect as I want her to be.

I will just work on her slowly now nd get her done when i get her done simples. :))


ryaoki posted on 29 May, 2009 - 16:24
good luck hun i know youll nail this one, and we shud trade more ideas so give me a shout on msn if you need any heads up on how im making mine

Captain_Marvelous posted on 30 May, 2009 - 11:58
MORE MEDABOTS MORE POWER!!! Thank you for choosing an amazingly underated anime :) good luck!

Anonymous posted on 19 September, 2009 - 14:04
This should be done, As i just started my Warbandit :) and Ikkaku's Medabee Trying to get some more :)

Samstar1990 posted on 22 September, 2009 - 23:13
Brass is an awsum medabot even if she is more of a PA then a fighter- some part may be tricky but i be it'll look amazing wen u've finished

Shenny posted on 18 November, 2009 - 01:39

Ranma1-2 posted on 29 November, 2009 - 19:51
Awww yeah good luck with this.. It does look a very hard one to do. ^.^ I thik you will manage to make it though, and you will the first Medabots cosplay I have ever seen. :)

braceyfaceanimegurl posted on 2 April, 2010 - 17:08
This will be awesome I love Brass you've made me want to do a Fossilkat cosplay now X3

Mangamad posted on 17 April, 2011 - 14:55
Aww...want to hug cute meta. ^o^

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29th May 2009


Ahhh right ok so after a msn convo with Reiss (Ryaoki), I've decided to cosplay Brass from Medabots. I've got an idea of what im doing...I can't really explain cos I dunno how to explain it. I'm stealing his idea and wanting an opening up back thing and light up eyes. I'm also considering wearing rollerblades as her 8D Well wish me the best of luck guys this is gunna be my hardest cosplay to date.