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ALcon 2015


Mah angry elf bae from my group's tabletop roleplay!! ;u;
I plan on doing her for the Thurs of Alcon hopefully, and for a session in August!

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Sew tabard
Make the scarf
Cut holes in shirt
Attach 'trinkets/memory' items e.g. a feather on a thread, to her belt.
Tunic material
Scarf material ?
2 earcuffs
Stirrup Leggings
Leaf hair clip
Long-sleeved brown shirt
Brown belt

Total cost: £0.00

22nd August 2015


I'm back from our camping trip! :D I had such a fun time with everyone! And we got some really great photographs too. The only downside was the story we had to follow which had all the feels! ;w; It was fantastic though! It was so funny passing normal walkers when we went on-location haha! I'm chuffed that she's finished in time for Alcon c: Now I have lots to do for Hawke however!

13th August 2015

Almost done!

So I'm actually further than the photo I'm including for this shows but, I cba changing into it again just because I've attached some straps at the waist LOL. But yeah, almost done! :D I think I'll finish her tomorrow! All I have to do now is to sew the scarf fabric so that it actually resembles a scarf yep! Not sure on the shape I'll make but yeahhh haha;; even if it's legit just the fabric sewn together so that the wrong side doesn't show, and the selvace cut off maybe. But yeah! uwu I can figure that out tomorrow and it shouldn't take me all day... *touches wood because my lord I take so long with things ;w;*

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