Lucy (End) - Elfen Lied


Alcon 2009




Each individual item has it's source

Short black dress with shoulder straps (Hand-made)
long black and grey striped socks (
Pink wig (cosplaywig @ Ebay)
Diclonius horns (feral creations @ Ebay)
Red high heel shoes (New Look)
Red Ribbon (Local Store)

I've always been really into Elfin Lied and as I'm pretty poor *sob* I wanted my first cosplay to be something I could wear for other stuff too. The dress is so versatile and was really easy to make (although, I did have help) ^-^.
It's easy to wear and just makes me want to shout "NYUU" every time I put it on ^-^.


Brinny-Chan posted on 31 May, 2009 - 14:49
Uwaaah! Elfen Lied owns!!! Please put up some photos soon!! <3

Manjou posted on 1 June, 2009 - 10:43
Awesome Lucy cosplay! :D

Brinny-Chan posted on 2 June, 2009 - 18:43
Yay photos! It looks great! <3

Kirei posted on 2 June, 2009 - 22:02
^0^ Thank you!

DuskatNight posted on 10 February, 2010 - 21:55
You're photo's are awesome! :3 Very nice costume ^^

Zelda posted on 10 October, 2010 - 14:48
You make a beautiful lucy ^^

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