Munakata Reisi - [K] Project


Munakata Reisi is a very important cosplay of mine, I've deleted the old file so I could upload him all over again with the updated version of his coat.

I remade him for the K group I was lucky enough to be apart of for the con listed above and I'm very grateful I was able to grab a few photos of the remake. He had to do a remake due to the only other time I wore him in November I didn't like how it looked in the photos so I tore the whole thing apart and rebuilt it with the improvements I had in mind for this cosplay.

The reason this cosplay is important to me however is because Munakata Reisi and Fushimi Saruhiko (my first cosplay from the series) are my favourites from the series. The two mean a lot to me and are in fact my otp of the series due to a RP blog I run on tumblr. But what's made it more special for me is the fact me and my girlfriend were wearing these cosplays (I'm Munakata, she agreed to cosplay Fushimi for me) and it was the first time I told her I loved her. I have some very fond memories of this ship as well as the cosplay, like finally having my two year old dream since the series started in Japan to be involved in a K project group and he'll always be a favourite of mine for these reasons.

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