Final Fantasy X-2

Cosplayer: amayhun

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd July 2015: Earing Like before but I varnished with watered down PVA. I ordered the tassel from Hong Kong, wasn't actually too expensive and it was lovely in quality and colour. This was all held together by nylon string but on second thoughts (and a discussion with another cosplayer) using fishing wire would be much better + stronger. The beads were left overs from many art projects but are a nice touch (they only appear on some artworks and FMVs, not in game). I improvised a little on colours and beads but overall I think they look good. I tied it around my ear as I don't have pierced ears...I think by next time I will so I'll add a hook...(much easier)

21st July 2015: Hair tail This bloody tail braid thing. It's the stuff of nightmares haha (and both highly impractical + a tripping hazard). I made a long 1 1/4 inch diameter tube (out of some cotton?? [it was remnants I found in my room]) then stuffed it with stuffing...which took a while and some of my sanity. Then I found an extremely useful tutorial on Youtube (typing in Yuna's Braid *should* do the trick), I'd highly advise watching that as she explains it very well! (better than I could). The weaving took about 2 hours, I'd suggest practicing before as I found I improved a lot as I went down, looking at the top part makes me cringe a little. I sealed the top with lots of red electrical tape which is similar in colour and held it together well (putting a hair tie in before will give you a way to attach it to your hair). At the bottom I taped a weft around the tube which was covered by the tie dyed piece (again using masking tape and electrical tape seemed to do the trick)

19th July 2015: Progress 2 Progress 2; The bag took about half a day after drafting a pattern and fully making it. I ended up hand stitching the sides on which took foooorever...but the stitching is so neat and not visible (still very proud of it haha!). The tassels were surprising difficult to find but I managed to get some that looked similar (I may replace them for longer ones in the future if I can actually find them). All the 'jewellery' bits were made from lightweight fimo as I couldn't find any similar. The beads took about an afternoon to fully paint with all the coats, I'd say they're fairly simple to make with a *bit* of patience - ok the bottom one's shape was pretty tricky to not eff up ;). The pink dip dye for the ribbon is one of my favourite bits of this costume (and yet the least visible gahh). It was a combo of cotton pink and flamingo pink for the dip dye (a useful practice for Yuna's FFX sleeves I plan on making in the future). The belt's made from polycotton (as are most of the simpler things in this costume hahah! It's a useful fabric as it comes in many colours...)

12th July 2015: Progress 1 Progress 1; Dip dyed the skirt pieces with dylon ocean blue dye. The pieces were not *as* big as I hoped so i couldn't gather them as I wanted to...still it managed to turn out pretty well. I wanted jersey fabric for the hood but couldn't find any in the colour I wanted, buuuut there was the perfect colour in polycotton! It still sits ok so that's fine. I also added gold detailing onto the armbands after noticing it...perfectionist yeah...