Yuga - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


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Paint brush
boot covers

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18th May 2018

Yuga's paintbrush finished

Today after months of work i have finish my paintbrush for my Yuga cosplay and i am so happy with how it turned out. I had alot of problems when working on this but i was able to sort everything out and make this i am so happy :D

5th May 2018

Paintbrush almost done

I have almost finished Yuga's paintbrush and im so happy with how its looking. to finish i have just got to paint the top part and fill in some gaps

25th April 2018


I already got a wig for this costume but i found this one like the day that one turned up and it looked perfect. it turned up today and i love it

19th April 2018


earrings done was not sure how they would turn out and was worried they would be really heavy but they are pretty light. i may do a little more to them like add something to make them shiny but apart from that they are all done!

17th April 2018

getting close to finishing

spent most of today adding the yellow, blue and pink parts on and putting it all together, this is almost finished :D

17th April 2018

Yuga's Paintbrush WIP

been working alot on the paintbrush for my Yuga costume this is what i got done yesterday

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