Athena the Gladiator (Normal Suit) - Borderlands the Pre Sequel


6.6.15 - Gonna try to push myself with this one (I've never made armour for cosplay before so bless the online tutorials~!)

Athena was the first character I played in the new Borderlands game and yeah love the shmaptain shemerica (so much fun to play with. And I think I've realised that elemental maidens are one of my favourite tropes; I always gotta be dealing elemental damage).

(still thinking about cosplaying as another character from the pre sequel but we'll see... I'd definitely have to buy contacts for them)
Anyway, making a list of materials and how to do it so watch this space (hopefully I'll update as a progress this time)

29.3.17 - ... so I didn't update as I went along coz from the start, everything was hectic (I can only just about translate my frenzied jottings the closer it got to con. Just wow). Still I pushed myself and boy was it worth it~ (still got things to improve on for next time. Tho the shoes have been changed; the pair I initially used were sheer agony)

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