Romani - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Kitacon 2015


"Link? That's a nice name, but... Hmm... Well, all right then. How about... Grasshopper? That's the name Romani gives you. See, you're wearing green clothes, and you patter about when you walk, so Grasshopper it is!"
— Romani

Romani is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She is a young girl living on Romani Ranch with her older sister, Cremia. She is very skilled with a bow and displays tremendous courage despite her young age.

I adore Romani ^_^ and she will be a great summer costume to make and wear!

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28th July 2015

Completed grasshopper!

So I finished painting the dress, creating the broach (now gold), scarf sewing and finally wig styling! Will add photos when I can :)

24th July 2015

Baked bowser - back

Back photo - hooks for attaching to the scarf :) Ready for gold painting!

24th July 2015

Bowser baked!

Baked in the oven at 110C in the oven for 30 mins :)

23rd July 2015

Bowser broach 1

Cosplay progress! Finished moulding the scarf tie for Romani :) just needs baking/painting/varnishing. I also finished painting the base of the dress! Hurray!

21st July 2015

Painting progress

Kitacon Cosplay! Painting progress! Front is done! So just the back, sleeves to paint, scarf to sew and broach to make +wig to style!

15th July 2015

Clay fun

Success, I've figured out that I can use clay to make bowsers broach scarf tie :) I have yellow clay that I can paint over after baking so I just need to make it now!

14th July 2015

Patterns to do....

The dress has been cut up a bit now (sleeves / neck) and I have also cut out a template for the dress pattern

14th July 2015

One pattern...

One of these takes 17 minutes!

5th July 2015

Progress and planning

Base dress arrived and I have an undergarment now too :) so what needs to be done is cut and see the sleeves, then paint the blue detail. Next is edit the scarf width and length, then make the bowser broach. Lastly, style the wig :)

18th June 2015


My wig and scarf arrived! :D Getting excited now :) may start the bowser broach soon...

17th June 2015

It's a start

Bits and bobs on way! A dress to alter, wig, ears, scarf - good start!

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