Twisted Fate (Classic Skin) - League Of Legends


I'm a little burnt out thanks to working on Aerrow tirelessly for the past few months, so I'm taking a step back and work on some other things for a little bit. I've recently gotten into League and there are a ton of designs that I would love to try to make. And thanks to that gorgeous coat (as well as having a lot of the pricey materials already), and running into like a dozen Graves cosplayers at MCM, I'm gonna have a crack at making Twisted Fate.

I'll mostly be following the Twist of Fate cinematic version of his classic skin because of all the extra details that show up. It'll be nice to follow a more realistic reference for once, that's for sure. The coat is certainly going to be a hell of a challenge, but his belt/pouch is probably give me the biggest headache. Making the hat is also going to be interesting... I won't be going full out with spending with this project, I'll be definitely leaning more towards budget to complete this, I'll have to see what I can do.

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