Zero - Drakengard 3

In Progress

Kitacon 2015

Showcased 12th March 2019 What is this?


I love the Drakengard series. SO MUCH.

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30th May 2015


"I need to make some lace-up knickers" are words I've never thought I'd say in my life.

29th May 2015


Took me a whole afternoon to work out and make this damn thing. Wait the front panel is shorter? Really? And there are splits? WHERE ARE THE DAMN SPLITS. WHY IS THERE THE BLACK THING ALONG ONE SPLIT (which is also on the underside) BUT NOT ON THE OTHER BUT A BLACK THING ON THE PANEL INSTEAD (but not on the underside?!?!) WTF IS GOING ON. WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT IN EVERY REFERENCE HELP.

29th May 2015

Fake arm 3

A few details.

29th May 2015

Fake arm 2

Various parts, painted. I used a mix of payne's grey and silver acrylic rather than black because I think black's too harsh. These were then sprayed with a matt varnish.

29th May 2015

Fake arm 1

Made almost entirely out of foam, plus a small bit of worbla. Needs painting and a glove to go underneath.

29th May 2015

Sword 2

Not quite finished, but almost there. There are discrepancies between official art, cutscene footage and in-game models for all parts of the costume, including the sword. I'm just picking what I like best/is most physically possible.

29th May 2015

Sword 1

Made mostly out of foam, plus a bit of worbla.

29th May 2015


For the long ribbon that goes from the end of the sword.

29th May 2015

Thigh thing

What should I call this thing...? Made out of foam. There's a strip of pleather on the underside to give it some strength. Fastens with velcro.

29th May 2015


This was sculpted out of oil-based clay, then a mould made out of silicone. Cast with resin (top pic), and then painted (bottom pic).

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