Cherche - Fire Emblem: Awakening


Kitacon 2014


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29th May 2015

Wig and makeup test

Annoyingly the contact lenses don't show up very well.

29th May 2015

And finally

I forgot to take progress pics of the dress and stuff, oops.

29th May 2015

Altogether now

Who thought this was a good idea. ._.

29th May 2015

Top armour

Fortunately, the character design does show straps and those straps actually work!

29th May 2015


Because there are wings on the knees...............

29th May 2015

Knee pieces

Heavier than I'd like, really. The lower leg pieces help keep them up, though.

29th May 2015

Patterning the armour

It's just paper!

29th May 2015


Made out of worbla with screws in the back. There are holes punched in the leather straps so that these buttons can go through and then fasten things together.

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