M. Bison (Street Fighter V) - Street Fighter V


Well. I had to I guess.

Grey haired and with a lovely coat. I kinda dislike my cape, so I'm looking forward to making it. I'll need new armour as well, but I've been looking for any excuse to remake at least the shoulder pads/spaulders.

Feel the terror of my Psycho Power!

Design changes:

Longer coat: now officially with black bias around the bottom like I was doing anyway, also no fitting lines along the breast.

Brown belt: a minor change, but the belt is now brown and weathered rather than black

Armour: different colours for all of them, slight change to the design of the vambraces, and weathering all round

Hair: old man Bison. Is he near death, on his last body, or in a new one with untold power?

Hat emblem: the Shadaloo emblem design has changed since IV... to actually be closer to mine!

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Make new coat
New boots
New spaulders
New vambraces
New greaves
New belt

Total cost: £0.00

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