Imp Midna - Legend of Zelda


HANDS DOWN FAVE LoZ CHARACTER. I first dressed up as her 7 years ago before I even knew cosplay was a thing and hey, I still identify with her (we kinda have the same body type).
So 7 years later and after a lot of hours of stitching runes on (thanks Mum) got the suit perfect.
Totally satisfied with everything (well they helm's a bit tight but I managed)

Oh also I wore this at the Symphony of the Goddesses concert on 17th April 2015 at Wembley Arena and I remember a bunch of guys getting so excited when they saw me and I realised that's a reason why I cosplay. It can give people such pleasure to see fictional characters brought to life and its amazing to prove to yourself that you can do it (plus hey, I'm probably never going to a face character for a theme park and it kinda feels like that; I like to try to stay in character as much as possible)

Anyway, still working on another costume at this time so will probably edit later.

brigade-chief posted on 22 May, 2015 - 01:03
Wow love this, really well done!! :D

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