The Monster in the Darkness
The Order of the Stick

Cosplayer: akiryn

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th May 2015: Some kitty faces, ready to be cut out There are 8 normal faces - one for each panel. The winking one is extra, we're attaching it even though it's not in the reference material because it's cute, and given the contrasting figure and panels in the webcomic I don't feel bad putting a tiny little change in there. The outline will be smoothed when cut out. Acrylic on white fleece.

23rd May 2015: Kitty faces, started! These will be cut out of white fabric, markings and colours put on by pens, and attached to the umbrella - probably by my reliable double sided tape. In the future I will attach these more firmly, but I think they will last well at the convention tomorrow. I will have to see!

23rd May 2015: Hemming the fabric The fabric has been made neat around the umbrella end now. The umbrella has an automatic button and this still works well. It also closes very well, which I didn't expect. It's attached to the points of the umbrella by pins, because it is lightweight and thin I can see through it and pins are more than enough to keep it together. There are two slits for my arms just in case in the sides. Only the eyes left to add to the fabric, then the kitty faces!

23rd May 2015: Umbrella Attaching the fabric, needs hemming. The fabric is longer at the front and shorter at the back. Although most cosplayers I've seen on Google hold the umbrella straight up, resting it on my shoulder at an angle is more accurate.

ArcaneArchery avatar

ArcaneArchery - 9th May 2015
Great idea. I've always wanted to see an Order of the Stick cosplay.