Black Widow
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Cosplayer: aimzelina-pie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

12th July 2015: Last minute! So since I last updated, I've solved the needle problem (I needed thicker needles!!!) and I've finished the suit. After 5 hours of hand stitching, I attached the main string of lights. I've also made the belt, holster and a couple of pouches. I just need to attach the buckle and clips and then the belt is finished. Then I just need to make the wrist bits and sew on the arm lights and I'll be ready!
I've had to scrap plans for the elbow and knee pads, and the boot details or I won't be finished in time.
It's going to be tight as it is seeing as I'm working every day until LFCC... but then it would be me unless I'm cramming everything in the last minute

30th June 2015: More stress So the needles worked for a bit, I got maybe 40% of the sewing done, then it just started refusing to stitch again. I've ordered different needles again as I think I'm on the right track with changing the needles, just not found the right ones yet... hopefully they should arrive today and I can have a bash after work. Fingers crossed!

22nd June 2015: Problems with the fabric So I hit a pretty big snag last night, I cut out all my pattern pieces ready to sew. I just can't get the material to sew properly, the thread just isn't catching when I run it through the machine. I tried every stitch type and tension combination I could but nothing worked. I chose a heavyweight scuba jersey for my main fabric and I think the problem is that it's just too thick and stretchy for the needle to get through properly. I've ordered some thinner, sharper needles and hopefully that will work, otherwise I'm going to have to pack it in :(

ashvstheworld avatar

ashvstheworld - 7th May 2015
Black Widow is such an awesome Avenger. Can't wait to see it complete :)

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 15th July 2015
Looking amazing. Can't wait to see.