Hajime Hinata - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair



Because I realised that I could really cheaply and easily make this costume...and i'm weak... Also I surprisingly like Hajime and his sort of dry, sarcastic personality. ;)

This is a really simple outfit and will be a nice cool(ish) cosplay to wear for Japan Expo and whenever I can't be bothered with fussy cosplays. xD

2nd Danganronpa cosplay already...how many more will there be? :p

For Japan Expo 2015.

Moonchild posted on 31 May, 2015 - 15:19
The temptation to wear Chiaki is strong XD

2nd May 2015


£3 from primark and I already had the red paint pens from Ed...Hajime's shoes sure are weird. :/

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