Ezio ((GenderBend)) - Assassins Creed 2


A Genderbend Of Ezio's Costume In The Secound Assassins Creed Game.

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25th April 2015

Cosplay Plans:

Me: Etzio Genderbend - Comic con 2015 Maiko - Comic con 2015 - Boyfriend: Altair - comic con 2015 Samuri - Comic con 2015 - Boyfriends brother and girlfriend: Caroline And Captian Kenway from Assassins Creed: Black flag - Comic con 2015 (Both Days) I'll be making all of these cosplays :3

25th April 2015

Puffball sleeves

The red and white striped sleeves, i am making as Princess Puffball sleeves (Like the ones on snow white) to give it a more feminine look. I found an awesome way to do this and hope to keep you guys updated on it.

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