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Minamicon 21


Made in Australia for Supanova, I decided to bring him home to enjoy the British con scene.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving the fabric with the woman who was planning to give me some sewing lessons, so ended up going back and discovering she'd gotten bored and done the entire coat without me, so really only made the trousers, feet, head and scarf. Shirt is from my Gokudera cosplay, and the waistcoat whipped up from the jacket pattern remnants.

Surprisingly comfy to wear, although I have a lot more hair than from the last time I wore it, so the head was a lot tighter than I would have liked. Intended to retire this costume after Minami, but found I couldn't bear to toss it, so might show up again in the late future.

otakugirl posted on 21 April, 2015 - 13:04
omg nyanta! NYA!!!! SOOOO awesome, the swashbuckling chef! epic

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