Kaworu Nagisa (Radio Eva [Genderbent]) - Evangelion


Minamicon 21


I needed a casual cosplay and my friend bought me the cardigan last year for my birthday. It's not the official Radio Eva cardigan but it's a replica of the art work that was done. (The actual cardigan looks really different in real life).
I then put together clothes using the Radio Eva colour scheme for kaworu, bought the wig and used Tresemme solid hold hairspray to style it.
To add to this I customised a NERV back pack to go with it and made patches for it too. The tape player isn't an SDat but it is one from when I was younger and the red headphones represent the red earbuds from the 3.0 movie promo stuff.

This then became ironic Hipster Kaworu because of the empty framed glasses that came with my Hanji Wig. I wear contact lenses but still wore the glasses... it worked.

This is now pretty much my favourite casual cosplay and it's super, super comfy to wear! I often wear it with my friend Robin Rocks who has a Mari cosplay. In the next year she's going to Radio Eva her's up and we'll hopefully be joined by a Shinji and a Asuka.

I don't know why I have written so much for this costume given I really, really haven't done very much to make it compared to some of my other costumes. I think it's just my love for Kaworu shining through!

(I had to gender bend Kaworu because I can't strap my chest... and it's not as if Gainax haven't done it before, though the less said about the official A-17 TabrisXX outfit the better ><)

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