Aaron Cross - Bourne Legacy


This easy costume has been chosen because of it's simplicity. This is for Manchester Expo 2015. I'll be operating as a carer/handler for my brother who will be bringing back one his awesome epic costumes for the event. Because of the restrictions of his costume I'll be assisting as a food/water ninja. I couldn't not cosplay lol. Brother suggested a simple costume and went for this as I have everything bar the jacket. This will also fulfill my spy cosplay urges lol. I'm a huge spy film fan and have secretly wanted to cosplay as James Bond for as long as I can remember. This is pretty close to i

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26th September 2017


After much research on the fabric I decided to purchase a jacket instead of making it. It proved most cost effective that way. Plus, I found a really good replica that matched the screen accurate one really well.

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