At-Dp pilot
Star Wars Rebels

Cosplayer: malicemana

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

10th June 2015: Painted strips on the boots hope they stick Now to glue tabs on the side

10th June 2015: Working on the boots Today I'm working on the boots

8th June 2015: Getting there Made my gauntlets with compad attached...

The helmet needs sorting out but otherwise it looks fine.... just need loads of fine tuning and make it comfortable to wear.

Next stop...... making the boots....

28th May 2015: Getting there Now the armour is done gotta figure out what to do with the gloves and boots.

The black boiler suit will have to be altered....

Watch this space!!!

29th April 2015: Bringing it home Well I casted my shoulder armour - needs trimming and tidying up etc

The helmets are almost finished, which need to choose which one to go for.

I ordered a typical stormtrooper back armour which Im going to convert to match.

My boba fett back armour has came in which Im going to convert, trim to match the chest armour hopefully it will work.

Still need to work out what to do about the leg armour etc.... would it be convert long boots or just boots with shin armour.

11th April 2015: So far Now the helmet is almost finished I have to figure out how to make the armour.....

I'm much better at working with fabric than hot plastic >_<