Count Druitt

Cosplayer: Storme

Variant: stage musical

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2015

15th July 2015: Wig All cut.

(*weeps for the lovely but costume-inappropriate curls of the pre-cut wig*)

15th July 2015: Cravat and cuffs finished! I had to roll all the edges for the cravats, and add the pleated-crepe trims to both ends of that and the cuffs. With that done, I had to test everything on together, of course!

(I have to cut the wig, and then that is the whole costume ready.)

12th July 2015: Ornaments I made the cravat pin dangly-thing and the feather-explosion lapel thing, both with materials bought in Hong Kong.

11th July 2015: Coat finished, wig base The coat is all finished, the false waistcoat is sewn in place, and it all sits as well as I could have hoped. The jodhpurs were bought (and shortened), the shirt is an old one of Pez's. I have the gloves too (not shown).

I still need to do: cravat, cuffs, cravat pin, lapel feather ornament. And cut this wig, even though I adore it and don't wanna cut it. Sigh.

9th July 2015: Coat 9 Almost done -- need to sew in the false waistcoat (it's just pinned for now), but first I need to put the fastenings on it so I can double-check the placement. :D Everything else is done!

8th July 2015: Coat 8 And braid has been sewn onto both cuffs!

7th July 2015: Waistcoat 2 Sewed all the braid along the edges of the false waistcoat panels!

6th July 2015: Coat 7 Main edge of the coat has braid sewn on all around both sides now. :)

And I cobbled together a temporary version of his lapel pin to see how that'll look in situ.

6th July 2015: Coat 6 Druitt progress!

I sewed the braiding sections for where the buttons go on the lapels, and pinned the braid around the edge of one lapel (and the cuff) to see how that would look. I was going to stop there for the night and then I decided I might as well actually do the sewing of braid.

So: the right-hand picture has braid sewn around about 2/5ths of the edge (from the centre back, down and up the tail and front, up the lapel to where it meets the collar).

Also today I painted some buttons for this coat, and bought pants and gloves for this costume!

3rd May 2015: Waistcoat I'm making a sort of false waistcoat for this (it's just going to be panels attached to the jacket instead of an actual full waistcoat, because this costume is going to be too hot to weat at Kita otherwise). I've made the panels.... and again, am stalled, nothing I can do until I get braid/buttons. :D

29th April 2015: Coat 5 I decided not to be lazy, so I replaced the collar. It looks much better now!

(Cuffs, finished, tails sewn up. Everything else really might as well wait until I buy braid in HK, so that's it for the jacket for now!)

26th April 2015: Coat 4 So I messed up -- this collar isn't the right shape to make it do what I wanted it to do. At this point I can still remove the whole collar and replace it, but the question is: can I be bothered? :D

(And I need to finish the cuffs, sew up the tails, and add the pocket flaps, yes.)

24th April 2015: coat 3 With sleeves! The lining and upper collar still need to be attached, and the whole thing has to be hemmed, and I need to add pocket flaps.

And then the braid and buttons. :D

23rd April 2015: trimming measurements Counting up and measuring -- I need 16 buttons and 14.5 metres of metallic braid for this and ~1.5 metres of white braid too.

(I am going to Hong Kong in a few weeks; those things will all be far cheaper there so I will wait until then to buy them.)

21st April 2015: coat 2 And this is what the base of the repatterned jacket looks like, before sleeves/collar/lining/facing. It's such lovely fabric to work with!

12th April 2015: coat 1 I suck at reshaping patterns without toiles, so I made a toile. The shorter front/pointier tale is what I need, the other side is the original cut of the pattern I was working from. :D

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 13th April 2015
I am going to die <3

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 24th April 2015
The progress is looking awesome.

Storme avatar

Storme - 24th April 2015
Thank you (both)!

Amy-Lou avatar

Amy-Lou - 30th April 2015
Enjoying the journals and it's a fantastic design. Good call on the collar, looking much more extravegant.

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 3rd May 2015
This is looking amazing so far!

Storme avatar

Storme - 3rd May 2015
Thank you!