Cosplayer: Efia

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st Place Masquerade at the Midlands MCM Expo

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Anonymous - 1st November 2007
Ah I remember seeing you at the Midland Expo... In fact, I think I harassed you for a photo before you went in to the masquerade ^^;

I think you are the best Orochimaru I have ever seen!

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grayskull8 - 1st November 2007
im total think of doing this cosplay ive been putting it of for about a year but i think i will have to it now see your has total inspired me to make my own ^____^

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Efia - 2nd November 2007
Thank you Cat_Cat! And I never feel harassed for photo's hehe :-)

Grayskull, you should totally do Orochimaru! You'd do a great job ^_^

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Orihime - 19th November 2007
I agree with Cat, best one I've seen too. The snake is a nice touch lol. I know it says you rarely re-wear your costumes, but would you be up for doing a photoshoot together with my Sakon?

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sjbonnar - 20th November 2007
I want us to do Jiraiya and Orochimaru again!

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Efia - 20th November 2007
Orihime, it would be an honour to have a photoshoot with you in your Sakon costume, it's absolutely brilliant and amazing ^_^ Let me know if you're thinking about attending an event that I'm going to also and I'll bring it along!

And Sean, we'll definitely do it again lol. I know we were going to do it for the October Expo and weren't able to, but we will get another chance, promise!

Orochimaru was so much fun to wear it's one costume I would like to wear again ^_^ Maybe Amecon 2008?

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Neko-Chan - 30th April 2008
awsome orochi, i'd love to have seen you drving past me =3
i should think my mates would have to, it would proberly make us hyper xD
congrats on winning the masquerade (Y)

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Efia - 4th May 2008
Thank you again Neko-Chan ^_^ Maybe some day I'll put my costume on again and just go for a casual drive to relive the experience. SOMEONE out there in the public has to recognise Orochimaru, hehe ^_^

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Zaiburst - 31st May 2009
this is one of the best orochimarus I've seen. It's great that you have the details like the earring, it adds a lot to the look. :)

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Mothfox - 1st April 2010
this is why i love random photos on the home page you cna come across really good cosplays like this pop up ^^ brilliant orochimaru by the way