Zarina (Pirate Fairy) - Disney: Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy


Kitacon 2015


I saw the film and thought "well, I've always wanted a reason to cosplay a fairy or a pirate... why not both at the same time?"

This is going to take more time and patience than I ever thought I'd have, but I think I'll like this challenge.
[bet the wings and sword are going to drive me up the wall though :D]

Only reason I've decided to do this for Kitacon, is so that I can use it as motivation to lose a bit of weight before I begin the Season of Skirts [aka summertime]

One major alteration from the costume design is that I won't be wearing the sword belt as I just don't have the time or patience [or finance] to build one for this event! Nevermind, there is always next time :D

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15th June 2015

It's a giant HAT PIN!

It is compleeeeete! With only 45 days to go until I get to wear this, I've actually done it. I've managed to get a cosplay complete at least a month in advance! It's a miracle! Outfit: 100% done Wings: 100% done Sword: 100% done

6th June 2015

Fly hiiiiiiigher than an eeeeeeeagle....

So, there is only a few weeks to go before Kitacon... and I've only just got this near to the finishing point. Outfit: 100% done Wings: 95% done [fecking huge things that they are! image to show size] Sword: 90% done The Outfit is pieced together from off-the-shelf items [and ebay] For once, I'm proud of how a non-weapon prop has turned out :D I feel so smug about how I've decided to make the sword/hat-pin!

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