Jade Curtiss - Tales of the Abyss


Unfortunately I didn't make the costume myself since I do not possess the necessary tailoring skills to make this outfit ^^;

The only thing I did was styling the wig and getting hold of the red contact lens... *dies*

Orihime posted on 16 November, 2007 - 10:21
Hi! You're Mark's friend? I met you at Expo, I was dressed as Meryl I think... Anyway you make a great Jade, we must take pics together when I finish Anise's costume ^^

Redkun posted on 25 November, 2007 - 23:40
Hey again! I took two photos of your costume next to the Cosplay Desk for my friend, since she's a huge Jade fan. I've played the first eight or so hours of Abyss so I like him too. ^^ I love the contacts, by the way.

AmethystEyes posted on 15 May, 2009 - 16:16
Ohh I love tales of the abyss (just started watching it- but looks like it was out 2 years ago, I'm slow!) Very nicely done.

Action required!

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