Maya the Siren
Borderlands 2

Cosplayer: LittleMissNayru

Variant: Basic Suit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

6th June 2015: For next time So really frigging proud of this costume and I'm surprised that none of the paint on the leotard flaked off so huzzah (if any cracks would appear, I'd call it a feature/detail)
The hand paint was easy enough to do but I had to re-apply it 3 times at con (I blame the heat). I could've used body paint but I've already stated my reasons why in the progression journals.
Anyway, I do want to make some edits in time for October.

To improve the costume:
More detailing; add highlights to everything (and add more shadow onto the trousers)
Fix any peeling areas; the shoes.

And stuff that aren't edits:
(attempt to) make a leotard from scratch; because I fancy another sewing project this summer. I know roughly how big each section on the pattern is so it shouldn't be too complicated; I'll be using the existing leotard as a guide.
Make the phaselock ball (there was going to be one made out of fibreglass but didn't get around to sanding it. I'm going to continue with that one and see if it works out).
Get grey contacts (I feel the eyes need to pop out more; in some photos you can't even see my eyes because of the makeup). This will be my first time with them and if they go well I might consider getting some red ones for Midna (for whenever I cosplay as her next)
IFFFFFF there's time, make a grenade mod (maybe one that can be used for my next cosplay; yeah it's Borderlands related~!)

22nd May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 22.5.15 (7) Completely finished the gun; but wouldn’t be able to remove the scope or the mag because of the paint thickness. Also would have to be very careful concerning the paint because any knock or scratch would probably peel some off.

22nd May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 22.5.15 (6) Finished detailing the mod (didn’t plan to edit the straps at all because they were hard to find in the first place and not enough time to do a decent job of it).

22nd May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 22.5.15 (5) Tried using magenta straight from the pot but didn’t work so had to mix it (luckily there was enough to paint the whole gun).

22nd May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 22.5.15 (4) Lost the attachment on the gun that proved it was a toy (after slicing off the end) so had to fashion a new one out of another toy gun. (also did a test run with the painting the hand).

22nd May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 22.5.15 (3) Painting the mod.

22nd May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 22.5.15 (2) With all the other things in my life finished with, it was time to blast through with the final tasks (I’ve always said, it ain’t con/expo unless you’re working on something at the last minute). Luckily I woke up early so started with the 2nd layer of paint for the shoes; the first layer was done the night before.

21st May 2015: ALMOST - 21/22.5.15 So been working on the whole thing on and off for a while now but pretty much have the basics done (just need to paint the book, gun and shoes then I'm ready!) (the stuff in the photo was finished on 18.5.15)

So keep an eye out for me on the Saturday at con I guess (also please tell me if there's a Borderlands meet sometime that day)

(I'll probably come back and retroactively log the process of the costume sometime afterwards) (started doing that on 6.6.15)

17th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 17.5.15 (2) Carefully took it off the mannequin, wore it to check how it fit and then finished detailing (I think some of the ductape on the mannequin came off so it expanded which in turned caused the suit to bubble from the paint and became a bit loose (not too much of a problem; at least the chance of the paint coming off due to stretching was reduced).

17th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 17.5.15 More work on the details.

16th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 16.5.15 (2) Finished cutting the wig (I’m a bit of a newb when it comes to wigs; I don’t really know anything above hairspraying) so I was wary of where to cut so it wouldn’t reveal too much of the cap. Settled for not needing it to be identical to Maya’s hair; there’s a difference in the length so that’s what mattered.

16th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 16.5.15 Finished drawing on the mod design.

12th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 12.5.15 started the detailing (only had the basic outline for a few days though; other stuff got in the way).

11th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 11.5.15 painting on the 2nd layer for the other parts (thought I could get away with just the one layer but I was wrong).

10th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 10.5.15 Quickly finishing up the painting (being really mindful of where the arms were; the sleeve did get a bit stuck to the main body of the leotard but luckily the tattoo arm was fine; if that got paint on it I’d be screwed).

5th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 5.5.15 The 3rd layer was finished the night before.

4th May 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 4.5.15 The first layer of yellow was painted on the 2nd. The second layer was being painted.

27th April 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 27.4.15 I was already wearing foundation so I thought I might as well do a make up test (using a tutorial from youtube; coz this was the first time I had ever worn more than just face powder). And yeah at this point the wig wasn’t styled hence the hairclips.
The tutorial I used is here:

19th April 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 19.4.15 Finished the tattoos; the only bit where I would need someone else’s help. Had my Mum draw out the design with pastels (just in case any mistakes were made) and then go over in paint that would be used on the day (the colour is a bit bright but I wanted it to be paint that could be used straight from the pot; so no mixing to get the colour the same. Also didn’t want to spend anymore money on paint).

18th April 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 18.4.15 Plastered up the ends of the gun that was cut off the night before (to make it look more like the shocking kitten gun) and any screw holes that were on the side.
Since I didn’t want to spend the morning of con painting the siren tattoos on, I decided months before to paint them on a pair of tights but found it to be easier to sew them onto the suit; the idea was that they would be separate and the tights could be worn underneath but that idea went nowhere. It was finished by the evening.

17th April 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 17.4.15 Got the trousers and glove painted as well as make a mannequin for the leotard (because, and I know its taboo, the plan was to paint the suit with acrylics. The reason being to avoid measuring out and sewing on the pattern (me and my mum still remembered how much of a hassle it was sewing on the Midna runes so didn’t want to do it again just yet). Could have sewn anyway since there was now a mannequin but painting would be easier with the time that was left; the acrylic was mixed with some fabric paint anyway.

14th April 2015: (Retrospective) Maya Progress - 14.4.15 Started to make lists for her back in January but other stuff got in the way so didn’t come back to make a proper list for her until March (and looked at what was going to be achievable; so had to forget about the shield and grenade mod).
Bought first round of bits and bobs on 4.4.15 and all ordered items arrived within 2 weeks. Had to order a second round of stuff because the gun was wrong (too small) and couldn’t find blue lipstick in any shops.
Since all the stuff was arriving at its own speed, couldn’t really do much (hollowing out the book for the mod a bit so I could put things in there (spoiler: didn’t in the end)

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 27th May 2015
Great Maya, the cel shading looks fantastic :)