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Kitacon 2015


The first costume I've made in 2015! I've been ridiculously busy due to it being my third year in Uni and so I was in exam and dissertation hell throughout the majority of it. So finally going back to the sewing machine and making something was such a breeze! I made the whole of Luffy in a day because it's become a tradition I make something in a day for Japan Expo, this year was no exception.

I started off with the top, I patterned it entirely from scratch. It's double layered with lightweight iron on interfacing inbetween so that I could get that crisp cartoony look and so that it sits right on my body. I cheated and used four buttons instead of three because I needed the V-neck to be higher up than Luffy has it because I'm female and didn't fancy open chest binding.

For the trousers I used a shorts pattern as a base from Burda and lengthened it. I thought I'd go all out and put in functional pockets so I learnt a lot by following the pattern! I didn't bother lining it so I used french seams throughout except the crotch area which I just used an overlocking seam as otherwise it'd look bulky. It was finished off with a normal zip and a waistband with mediumweight interfacing inside and a button for closure.
I decided to treat the white band at the bottom of the trousers as bias binding by sewing it on the inside and hand sewing it to finish to get a better poofy look to look rolled up. I used some leftover white suiting for this part.

The flip flops I got from George (ASDA), when I get time I will sew one some yellow fabric to the edges because the main part is straw like but it has a black trim. I'll also add in another strap to go across my feet so that it's more accurate, it was close enough. The accurate flip flops I had broke the day before I left so these were last minute :(

The straw hat is from the official Toei x Bandai store. It's borrowed from a friend, Franky/Ben :D

The wig is actually my Hiro (Big Hero 6) wig, originally bought from MoeMall/Lucaille. I just fluffed it out a bit.

Overall a fun and stupidly comfy cosplay to wear. It's very cooling and I can run around and do whatever in the cosplay. I need to make a suitable binder for it because any binder I wear can be seen! At Japan Expo I just went braless because I have no boobs anyway... XD;;;

Amy-Lou posted on 14 July, 2015 - 13:09
Fantastic Luffy, really fun and neat!

1.5m denim blue linen
1m red stretch bi-stretch
4x gold buttons
Flip flops

Total cost: £0.00

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