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>Time Taken:

The hooves, ears, and wings are all hand-made, and frankly, they did sort of take me a long time not just to make, but to plan out and actually get round to making them! And the latter definitely took the longest! When I finally got round to it, they were all complete within a week! It wasn't constant work though!
I gathered the rest of the costume over a period of about 4 months.


I'm not exactly sure of the cost, but I would estimate the total to be somewhere around £45 for the entire costume. Some things, such as the contacts, I already had.


I began with the wings... and it took me absolutely forever to make a pattern! When I finally did, I did the obvious pinning and sewing (with a machine of course - hand sewing is too painful!). I was sort of new to improvised machine sewing (just wingin' it, haha!), and cutting and all that stuff! Luckily, they turned out alright after I had cut the splits between the 'feathers' just a little more to give them a much more recognisable shape than what they would have become if I had just followed my pattern! Ugh, and I cannot stand unpicking :( !
My explanations are a little limp on sewing, but after stuffing my wings, I faced the dilemma of mounting them on my back! I had saved a few guidance images from the internet. And just as I was packing my sewing machine and wing and fluff and fur mess... I thought... a clothes hanger!!!
By putting the two 'arms' into the wings they stood up almost perfectly! In order to wear them, and get the hanger and the wings to stick to my back, I entwined them with my bolero by cutting two little wing holes for them to pop through!
They're not perfect, but not bad. I had to take them off a few times because of that little inescapable crowd situation they have going on in comic con. Other than that, the wings and the hanger worked a treat!

Secondly, I tackled the ears which were pretty easy to make. The pattern was pretty simple to draw and they were a quick and easy sew! I had bought some of those fluffy wire things you can buy from craft stores (don't know what they're called!). I hand-sewed them to the insides of the ears which made them adjustable!!! A pretty cool, and useful idea, even if I say so myself!

The hooves were an absolute nightmare and I really do not recommend wearing anything of the sort on a rainy day! I won't go into detail about how I made them simply because of the very strange process I had to endure! Simply, I mega-improvised when cutting out the hooves, I wrapped them round my shoes which were encased in some tights I had cut up. I hand sewed them to the tights and absolutely filled them with loads of stuffing!
In a way, it was lucky I approached it in such a strange way because I was able to take them off afterwards... but only when my feet were already soaking wet :,(

Nevertheless, I had a great time making everything... particularly the wings!

MadlyScientific posted on 6 October, 2015 - 22:57
Ahhh this looks so cute! (Even if I'm not a fan of the series myself it's fab to see it all come together after hearing you talk about it! Love the wings!)

Make Hooves
Make Ears
Make Wings
Yellow Dress
Pink Bolero
Pink Wig
Pink Hair Extension (Tail <3)
Blue Eye Contacts
Cutie Mark

Total cost: £0.00

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