Matsumoto Rangiku - Bleach




My second ever cosplay :-)

Well every Bleach costume starts off near enough the same, but being a fan of the animé I really wanted to cosplay Matsumoto, and being a red-head turned out to be a lot of fun ^_^

The costume was pretty simple and the wig was another cheap one ^_^' But I really liked it and think it turned out looking alright. The pink scarf was probably the easiest part of the costume as my mum already owned it and let me borrow it ^_^ The waraji were a bit of a pain in that they were a bit too small but I didn't find them too uncomfortable like a lot of people!

I always thought the necklace was going to be awkward, despite its simplicity lol. Although I looked everywhere I couldn't find one that was perfect. In the end I took a gold chain and a large gold hoop earring lol and fixed them together, then spray painted it all silver, hehe ^_^

So that leaves the zanpaktou :-) I couldn't do a costume without a prop after all, so I bought a wooden bokkan and painted it all to make it look like Matsumoto's sword, and bound the hilt and attached it to my waist behind her, like she carries hers ^_^


sjbonnar posted on 6 November, 2008 - 23:05
You always do such sexy costumes! ^_^