Xerxes Break
Pandora Hearts

Cosplayer: InfiniteJester

Variant: Default 2.0

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2015

7th March 2015: Boot covers I made some boot covers today from some spare fabric - originally they were just wellington boots which had been cut and painted but the paint never stayed on well and constantly cracked. The boot covers are much better and ensure they'll look how they should do for longer! They came together quite easily actually!

24th February 2015: Shirt complete Put on the buttons and buttonholes today and added on the frills to the collar and cuffs. They're not as neat as I'd like them to be but will be covered at the messy areas by the cravat and overcoat anyway thankfully

17th February 2015: Shirt almost done I added on the collar and edging today - almost done! Just need to put on the buttons and add on the frills to the cuffs and collar.

12th February 2015: Shirt base complete Completed the fitting and serging on the shirt the other day and hemmed it all today. I'm still not 100% happy on the fitting as the shoulder area isn't quite right but thankfully the over coat should cover this. Just need to do the silver edging, hem the sleeves and put on the frills.

7th February 2015: Shirt wip I've got most of the base shirt constructed. I need to do some more work on fitting, hem it and put on the decorative details like the silver edging, buttons and frills on the cuffs and collar. Was delayed finishing this as I've been ill. I like how it's come together though and will hopefully like it even more once I've fitted it a bit better. (the lighting makes it look really shiny here but it's actually okay irl and about the same as the old shirt was)

14th January 2015: The start I'm remaking the shirt with some spare fabric for Kitacon as the old one doesn't fit too well. Cut out all the pieces today - don't think it'll take me too long to put together!

Shadowland13 avatar

Shadowland13 - 7th March 2015
Hooray for Break cosplay! :)

The shirt looks awesome

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 7th March 2015
Thank you! :)