Snow - The Wolf Among Us


This is a costume I'd been planning for a while. The snow fabric I got from some cheap PJs off of amazon which I cut into the shirt. I had been looking for fabric for the plain blue skirt but ran out time so just made it using the PJ trousers.

The thing with this costume is I hadn't planned on doing it for the London Super Comic Con but my housemate convinced me on the Saturday evening to do it for the Sunday. So it was a rush job but one that turned out pretty good!

I do want to re-do it and will change a few things:

The earrings, for example, are little snow ball Christmas earrings I'd forgotten I had. I want to change these into her pearl earrings.

I want to make the skirt a plain blue one that matches the blue of the shirt.

I'm going to go over all the lines again with black fabric paint to make them stand out more. I also want to paint the lines on the face thicker to make them stand out more

Get a blue wig and sharpie the black in for a better effect.

Chain Toxin posted on 16 March, 2015 - 00:25
You are a fantastic Snow. I would have never of guessed about the shirt and skirt, thats really creative.

Yotsuba posted on 23 April, 2015 - 12:59
Thank you Chain! I hope I get it looking even better next time!