North Italy (Canon) - Hetalia



I chose to do this cosplay as my first "proper" one, because at the time I loved Italy, he was super cute, and the outfit I thought was fun, obvious and easy to make. And it seemed that he was up there with England, America and a few others as the Hetalia cosplays that you can have the most fun as.
And it was true! Eating Italian food has never been so much fun! PASTAAAAAAA! <3

This was really my first time actually getting a proper wig, and attempting a decent, accurate cosplay that I could wear to events. As with most of my cosplays from then on, it wasn't made by hand, but pieced together from shopping around for clothes I could use. My charity shop cosplay shopping tradition started here.

"When I wore it, it was so awesome, I felt so proud of all my hard work, and I never wanted to take it off!"

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