Elfaria - Odin Sphere


Kitacon 2014


I know that there are lots cosplayers who had done a fantastic job with putting this cosplay together, but I had to try and attempt creating Elfaira myself :) next to Gwendolyn she's one of my favourite characters due to her presence and intricate design.

it was the first time making a cosplay with wings o_o

I gotten advice from friends on tackle them and best choice was to sew the base on a wire frame using taffeta and craft foam on the detailing.
Sleeves were filled with wadding and the leaves were individually cut then heat set for an textured effect.

I would say the easiest part making the green dress as it was a straight forward but those wings were definitely a big challenge.

Origin posted on 22 February, 2015 - 04:21
Awesome job with those wings! They look almost like stained-glass windows with the thin material.

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