Costume :Scheris Adjani
Source :S-CRY-ed
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Cost : £0
Time Taken : 20 minutes

Scheris Adjani from s-CRY-ed


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Hair Clip Progress 3 (Posted 27th May 2009)

I painted it now and made it shiny with glue! Just got to add the hair clip- how the hecks will I do that heheheh ^^;;
Wow! I,m making good progress.

Hair Clip Progress (Posted 26th May 2009)

Heres the template I used to make scheris' hairclip!

Hair Clip Progress 2 (Posted 26th May 2009)

And here is the "finished" Hairclip, All that is left to do is:
Let it dry, cover it in white paper, let it dry, Draw the line in pencil, paint it and put a layer of glue over it to make it shiny. ^^;;