Sera - Dragon Age Inquisition


ALcon 2015

3rd Place @ AFM

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UPDATE: So on the Sunday of Alcon at 10am we have an Inquisition panel! If u wanna join u should come along yeh? You can prank everyone in Skyhold with me; why wouldn't you?

Planning for Alcon init!
Super pumped to cosplay this grrrl ~ I'm endeavouring to create the outfit all myself, and I have bought a sewing machine finally! :D It'll be a challenge but yeaaa, I'm hoping my excitement to cosplay her will help me to actually make her :'D
For Kitacon I'm prioritising the outfit over the bow & arrows. For Alcon I definitely want her weapon set made though, and I might add to the outfit to make her combat outfit!

Worn at:
Kitacon 2015 (unfinished/casual top)
ALcon 2015
Anime Festival Maribor 2016

BladeyCakes posted on 27 April, 2015 - 20:54
I'll have to keep an eye out for this! <3 I love Sera 8D

Enchanting_ELK posted on 27 April, 2015 - 21:23
Eee thank you! :D Yesss not enough people do!

Sunny-D posted on 30 April, 2015 - 12:18
Oo good to see another DAI cosplayer will be at Kita! - I'm currently making a Bard!Josephine costume :D

Buy material for trousers
Scarf embellishments
How to make quiver
How to make arrows
How to make bow
Brown pumps
Buy elf ears!
Buy materials for top
Jar of Bees: Add wings
Dress: Eyelets
Dress: Cut the ends
Dress: rips/tears
Dress: Straps
Create dress
Create trousers
Style Wig
Red lacing/string
3-finger Archery Glove
Yellow suede
Scarf fabric
Ears, liquid latex + 1 cuff
Elastic, Embroidery thread x2, Red & Brown thread
Grey lining, Red dress, and Tartan trouser fabrics
Extra metre of trouser fabric

Total cost: £0.00

1st August 2015


I took my sewing machine with me to Kita, in the hope that I would finish Sera in time! But alas it was not meant to be ;w; it's upsetting but, I still had fun in my casual top for her! And folk still recognised me :D I had a fab time at the dragon age meet up too, on the Saturday!! 8D Everyone looked amazing omg. So I need to work on her more now for Alcon, especially as I'm on a panel! (10am Sunday guys!.. we didn't choose the time the time chose us. FIGHT THROUGH THOSE HANGOVERS, THERE'S DEMONS IN YOUR GARDEN FOR MAKER'S SAKE, YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO COME TO THE PANEL ;D) The dress might be salvageable, the lining made it so it doesn't fit me very well welp. I cut into it and it helped so, it might be okay *crosses fingers!!* I really don't wanna have to start it again D;

27th July 2015


So there's less than a week to go now! At this point I'm not worrying about any extra details. I'd love to have a jar of bees for then but alas, unless I find all the materials I want and make them on the journey there I doubt I'll have that done :'D But there's Alcon for that stuff! So far I have the scarf done which I made yesterday, and the pattern for the trousers is done too. I cut out the front pieces (don't ever work with diagonal plaid DON'T DO IT) but because the fabric is made up of straight horizontal and vertical lines, and I'm turning it to have them diagonal on the trousers, I don't have enough fabric for 2 back pieces orz. So I'm going to go buy another metre for one of the pieces! And then I can start to put them together ~ (After more screaming about diagonal plaid I'm sure orz) - Praying that they fit me and everything is fine in the end D; Here's a snapchat pic of the scarf from last night! I'm hoping if I get the pattern for the dress done today and cut out the fabric, tomorrow I can make it and the trousers and then Wednesday I can pack??? Then that night work on the elf ears at Kanriku's house!

2nd July 2015

Scarf fabric

Found this remnant which I plan on making in to her scarf uwu £4!

2nd July 2015

Trouser fabric

I'm getting so stressed trying to find the best fabric and for cheap omg D; This one in the markets near me isn't /too/ bad a match if it comes to it at least but... I want to be as accurate as I am and it is proving impossible unless I make my own fabric ;w;

31st May 2015

Another wig I'm considering

I needed them both side-by-side on here so that I can compare them better c:

26th May 2015

Wig hunting

Up until today I've been unable to find a suitable nor a cheap wig for Sera, that I could style. Not even longer wigs that I would have to cut a lot off! I looked on eBay, but found nothing, and I've been checking local wig stores. (My town has a LOT omg) But I stumbled across a possibility today on eBay, completely out of the blue! I think I may order it, but I'd like some feedback first! :D

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