Riku (Destiny Island ver. W/Keyblade) - kingdom hearts


Aya Again 2003




The first cosplay I was really proud of and happy with, it's one of my only early costumes I still love today. I'd like to wear it again sometime, only with a better wig, i'm not wearing one in the photos uploaded, because it wasn't very good or in style.

I re-wore this to take photos in my college studio.

Hardest part was making the keyblade, my first propm and naturally I messed up a lot of things. I made it from cardboard and then covered it in mod rock.That stuff is HEAVY when it dries, plus the cardboard soaked up all the water from it. Thus I couldn't carry this around Ayacon, I'd like to re-make a lighter and smaller version.

What did I learn? That I always cosplay the characters that get me glomped and chased by fangirls D: Why do I do this???


Charlie-Bear posted on 21 November, 2007 - 07:50
Wow Destiny Island Riku! You did it so well, everyone does the KH2 version, but it's awesome to see this one instead! It may be old but sure is great =D

Holbert posted on 12 April, 2008 - 22:40
ooooh this is amazing! loveing the leg bulges, they're done really well!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 22 January, 2009 - 11:17
Nicely photographed it really leaps out at you when its done awesomely like this ^.^

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 6 July, 2009 - 16:07
This has to be one of the best Riku's i've seen well done :D