Edward Elric
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Cosplayer: Nic_Phoenix

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th March 2015: New idea so I got a new idea today, I think I'm going to make this a crossover character as well. so I've been planning the changes I need to make to this cosplay, hoping I can do it without destroying it all..

3rd March 2015: SHOOOOOOOES! Today I feel I have been very productive, despite not really doing that much.

ok, so I went to the store and got pretty much everything I needed for the rest of my cosplay (yay!) which meant I could finally start on the shoes!

I'm not a shoemaker, so I used my cosplay boots as a base (the ones I used for Red Hood, and Wolverine v.1 - Repurposing FTW!!)

I used the boots as a base, but the "lip" in two, used some black "garden tape" to fold it a bit into the boot (to make a gap), then some more black tape to cover the shoelace holes (after removing the shoelaces).
After that I went over the edge with some red "garden tape".

I got some rings that actually are made for curtains, it cost me about 4£ for 10x of them and they were the perfect size. used some elastics on them I had leftover from the glove. and now I am plasti dipping the soles on the first boot. pictures will come

3rd March 2015: Today I fucked up... yup, I was gluing the forearm plate onto the forearm piece, when I got a bit distracted and glued it on askew.. the glue was already dry when I noticed it, and I couldn't separate the pieces.. ended up with two choices.
1) scrap both parts, and remake them (which I didn't have the foam or plasti dip to do)
2) cut my losses and try to salvage it.

I went for number 2. and it doesn't look all that good.. I'm not sure exactly how noticeable it is for anyone else, but I see it very clearly.

this got me down. and I've been feeling shit about the cosplay all day. weeee..

also, the wig arrived today, and I have to learn how to style that.. also it looks weird on me, but that might be my beard (oh please be the dark beard and not my general face)

And here is a picture of me wearing the wig, shirt, and arm......from behind

1st March 2015: under construction So it's 13 days until LSCC. I might actually make it!! :D

Today was a lot of posing. then taping. then posing again. rinse & repeat.

I ended up getting most of it done thou. and I have had glue EVERYWHERE! even managed to get it on my tongue (don't ask) and in my beard.. weee..

made yet another one of the forearm plates (5th now I think) and have plasti dipped that today.. then I remembered I had forgotten to cut out the details for it.. oh well.

Fixed the black glove to have under it all as well, think I got it figured out, but ran out of the materials I needed.

Shirt is finished. I've got the glove I needed, and the contact lenses. I guess I have to try to wear them at some point to get used to it, so buying lens fluid and eyedrops tomorrow.

Also got the shoes figured out, going to try to get the last of the materials I need for those.. it's basically just a modification of some boots I own. nothing fancy

so the breakdown now is:

To do:
¤ get the forearm plate ready
¤ modify boots
¤ fix the "glove"
¤ make chest/back piece
¤ modify the cloak so it looks battle damaged (so the automail is visible)
¤ - potential - PROP

To get:
¤ Materials for "glove"
¤ Materials for boots
¤ eyeshadow (to color my eyebrows)

To wait (patiently) for
¤ Wig
¤ materials for the rest of the costume
¤ cloak.
¤ materials for the potential prop

27th February 2015: Plasti Dip day 2 - and plans for the weekend Today I plasti dipped a few more pieces. Forearm, Bicep, elbow and the 3 shoulder plates.

I think it went well, and I'm getting the hang of the technique.

I had been struggling with the forearm part for most of this week, but finally managed to get the shape "right"

Tomorrow I will have to (again) make yet another top part for the forearm, but I think it shouldn't be THAT hard.. right?!?

The top of the shoulder keeps bugging me thou, the first one I made moved too much when I moved my arm, which made it look weird with the top shoulder plate.

the second worked better, as it was "U" shaped at the end, but then that shape would be visible when I had my arm down, which isn't right either.. I might have to check out how other cosplayers dealt with this.. even though I REALLY want to make it all on my own..

22nd February 2015: piece by piece Got a lot done. Fixed my forearm design, but ut still needs more wor. To not feel like the day wasn't wasted, I started on the shoulder, and shoulder plates. The bicep turned out to be a bit more difficul. Just like the foforearm.

Also begun on the speartip, but guess what?! cutting foam while hungover, makes for shoddy work -_- at least the templates are good.

I might actually wear it to London Super Comic Con. If I can make it in time

17th February 2015: almost done with the hand well, almost done with the hand, just a little work left.

tried it with the glove under,unfortunately, the glove is just a BIT too big. so the fingertips are squeezed just a bit too tight. so I hope I find a solution to that.

also the way I connected the fingers aren't really the best way, so I might want to change that..

The coming weeks I think I'll continue the work on the gauntlet. damn, I haven't even started to create templates for the bicep and shoulders.. well I have little over a month to get it all made.

17th February 2015: Like watching paint dry third layer.. Think that's enough

17th February 2015: PLASTI DIP Today is plasti dip day. just put on one coat of gunmetal grey (which was darker than I thought). was about to put on a second layer, but forgot the can outside, and it changed the spray, so I did the second layer with smoke. it really doesn't matter, as I am going to use the bright aluminum finish on it, which covers the base color.
Think I will put on a third base layer before I start with the finisher layers.

also got the morphsuit today, which I am going to use the arm of under the foam "proteases".

14th February 2015: jeez, ther e is a journal tab I never saw xD
Ordered craft foam for the automail, and doing some design work on the pieces. let's see if I ever get this one off the drawing table

Been working with foam and the design for a few days. slowly getting there.
I couldn't find any pepakura files that looked right. so I've been designing everything from scratch using pictures from the show and manga as a reference point.
Using 2mm craft foam (blue) to try to keep the build slim. but had to go for the 6mm (black)for the back and forearm, and it has parts sunken into them by design.
also have been trying to use my dremel to shape the top of the palm, but it all needs more work

Alright, so it's been a couple of weeks. I am done with the hand design in foam. glued up everything yesterday. Got the needed supplies to connect the fingers to the back og the hand, and for the screws. Will probably continue tomorrow with the dremel work to get it all to look right. it's actually coming together, and I might wear this to MCM London.

oh yeah, and working on a transmutation prop idea! If I get this off the ground, it will be a lot cooler than the Wolverine claws that popped out. but it's still in the idea stage as of now.

The_Deadly_Unicorn avatar

The_Deadly_Unicorn - 6th February 2015
Your automail is looking great! :) can't wait to see the rest of this costume come together :3