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Kitacon 2015


Love this show and this character so much. I was a little torn between doing his season one uniform or his ones from season two but think I'll start with this one first. With Whitewraith as my Asseylum.
Hopefully wearing at Kitacon with Duo Maxwell as Asseylum - plans with Whitewraith will still happen at a later date!

WhiteWraith posted on 29 January, 2015 - 13:47
Excited to see this! Protect Slaine at all costs <3

InfiniteJester posted on 31 January, 2015 - 11:42
He must be protected!!

nanahara posted on 24 June, 2015 - 20:34
brilliant choice, I look forward to seeing this cosplay

InfiniteJester posted on 25 June, 2015 - 17:06
Thanks :)

Scarf thing?? (there are like no refs under his jacket so ???)

Total cost: £0.00

12th July 2015


Did all the last bits on the tailcoat today - added the lapels and collar which was a bitch and honestly I'm not totally happy with them. Thankfully everything else turned out good so the lapels are passable - might try and redo them at a later point but happy with them for Kita. Also made the cuffs (which were likewise a pain in the butt) and added the epaulettes and buttons. Just the scarf left to make and maybe add some rope cord to the epaulettes just to finish off.

4th July 2015


For what started off as being something relatively simple, i had a lot of trauma with these. Originally I'd ended to line them with some black satin I bought but after trying them with the trousers, they just didn't work very well and were really clingy to my skin. Thankfully the red material is thick enough to work perfectly fine on their own! Took me quite a while to size this accurately too due to them being very close-fitting. I gave up trying to make an effect waistband as well - they fit perfectly fine without them and the top edge will be covered by a cummerbund anyway. Overall, i'm pretty happy with these despite them being quite a trial to make at the time! Next up is the decorations for the tailcoat - I bought some lovely gold metallic trim the other day which i'm hoping to use for the epaulets.

27th June 2015

Tailcoat progress

Made significant progress on the tailcoat today and now it's almost complete! I added on the tails which was much easier than I was expecting it to be and fitted the sides a bit better. Also fitted and then hemmed the whole jacket so all that's left to do is the lapels, collar, cuffs and decorative details. Still not entirely sure how I'm going to make the epaulets - whether with fabric or use coolmorph. Shall experiment soon with that to see what works best!

20th June 2015

Tailcoat start

Made great progress on the tailcoat today! I sewed together most of the lining and then did the same with the base fabric. Front, back and sleeves are sewn together with darts put into the back for extra fitting. I still need to add on the tails to the back as well and it all needs hemmed, lapels, decoration and collar added on and a little more fitting done to it but the basic shape is about there now! Happy with how easily this came together - the base fabric was really nice to work with! Hoping to finish the jacket mostly next weekend and then I can move onto the trousers, shirt and scarf.

19th June 2015


I meant to start this last weekend but got distracted by Shiro. Finally cut out the fabric for the tailcoat tonight at least though and will start sewing it together tomorrow! I've used a basic tailcoat pattern which I've then adjusted as the front close is different. Love the lining fabric I've gotten though as it's a gorgeous crimson colour which looks lovely against the base fabric!

2nd June 2015

Pattern making

Bought a basic Tail coat pattern yesterday - it needs some adjusting with how the front closes but is pretty close! Hoping to start this properly week after this one.

25th April 2015


Cut the wig last night - I think it looks much better now it's been cut shorter - was worried when it first arrived that it looked more grey then it did blonde but happier with it now. It still needs some more faffing and styling with before the con but I did it enough for a quick tester with makeup. As Slaine is a character who is frequently stressed or emotional, I tried to accentuate this with my makeup by adding more dark shadows to my eyes.

21st April 2015

The start

Hoping to try and bump up this plan as I got asked to join an Asseylum at Kita. The wig arrived for him the other day though I'm not totally convinced the colour will work yet - shall be cutting it soon to see! Also bought the base fabric for his tailcoat and trousers at the wkd but will be caught up with Adekan for a while so likely no actual progress for a few months yet!

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