Napoleon Bonaparte - Assassin's Creed: Unity


'Hey, you NEED to play Unity, it has a beautiful badass redhead that you NEED to cosplay.'
*several days later.*
'I'm going to cosplay-'
'Yay I can't wait to see-"
"As Napoleon."

Well this was unexpected. Although maybe not really. I'm a gigantic French history buff and this video game has basically given me an excuse to express that love through cosplay. xD I was not expecting awkward Napoleon who uses battle puns while planning how to impress women. Instant love basically.

It was also instant love with this outfit. Basically ALL the outfits in this game are GORGEOUS and I can't wait to get my teeth into this.

The tricorn hat is a maybe. ;)

Planned for: Japan Expo in Paris. Obviously.

(FYI: I also love Elise and plan to cosplay her someday soon but just let me get Bonaparte out of my system.)

Edit: had to reschedule this cause really I took on too much and I don't want to rush something intricate like this. If I'm there if like to shoot for October expo instead :3

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