Rin Kagamine (Crimson Camellia) - Vocaloid


AmeChibi 2015


For a group at Amechibi with Crystalneko, Crazedteensie and hopefully more people!

This design looks fairly simple but it lied.

I currently hate this costume, but I've worked hard on it so I'm sure I can come to like it haha! The shirt was really dull to sew.
A bigass yellow rose proved difficult to find, so I've bought a bigass camellia instead c: it seemed fitting

InfiniteJester posted on 26 January, 2015 - 19:57
I adore the Camellia designs! Can't wait to see this :)

Moonchild posted on 26 January, 2015 - 21:59
Ahh i wish i was going so I could do Meiko! Can't wait to see this!

Ribbon and flower

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