Emilio, Burn, Wendy, Carlo, Genshin - psychic force 2012


AmeCon 2007




These five costumes were made between myself and Annadill four our group. I was Emilio (the one with the green hair), these character are from one of my favourite fighting games series Psychic Force on the Arcade, PSone and DreamCast.

Probably the more time consuming outfits were Burn and Genshin due to the level of detail of the character's clothes, they also the most ridiculous hair and eyebrows.

The most important material other then fabric was funky foam which was used heavily for the ornamentation on the Burn & Genshin and most of Emilio's boots were covered in it, to appear as gold plating. Even Genshin's eyebrows were made of the stuff lol.

In the instances when we could not find a material with the correct pattern, stencils from a thin plastic were made and the patterns were added on using fabric paint, such as the crests on Genshins trousers, the text on Burns jacket and the cuff of Emilio's top.


Captain_Marvelous posted on 23 February, 2009 - 12:16
Hey man 1 up for you doing psychic force ^^ no one gives this shizz enough credit ^.^ and actually a pretty damn powerfull body of cosplaying right there, well done ^.^